First and foremost, our research department monitors and catalogs the results of liquidations and auctions across the country and world wide. When appropriate they consult used and new machinery and equipment dealers, while keeping the confidentiality of report and anonymity of the one who ordered the report as well as the subject client.




Pre Inspection:
Our appraisal valuations are a team effort. Each member of the team, the appraiser(s) and research personnel is selected by their experience with the assets being valued by the executive appraisal supervisor.

On-site visit and physical inspection:
The appraiser(s) performs an extensive on-site inspection of the assets being appraised. The make, model, serial number, along with a description of each individual machine or piece of equipment is compiled. We take further notes about the age, condition, ease or difficulty of removal on the assets being valued.

Asset Research:
We use only proven and industry accepted analytical methods to calculate the assets values. Obsolescence, whether it is economic or functional and physical deterioration, are also factored into the valuation, if applicable.

Committee Review:
The appraisal team submits its report and documentation to the review committee who then checks validity of data and approves and certifies the report.

Your report:
All appraisals are delivered in printed form via US mail and electronically sent via the internet e-mail system. If needed a copy of the report will be placed on a CD-ROM and delivered to you as well.