From our President, Mr. Howard Hurwitz:

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, insurance companies, lending institutions, local and worldwide businesses.

R.M.C. Industrial Services has helped hundreds of banks, manufacturing companies, lenders, brokers and other decision makers with an accurate, timely machinery and equipment appraisal.

I would be hard pressed to name an asset category or an industry type that we have not appraised.


R.M.C Industrial Services, Inc. Senior Executives

Howard Hurwitz

Howard has been in the used industrial equipment sales his entire working career.  He was originally employed in 1954 in his family’s used machinery business, Cook County Machinery Co. until 1973 when his partnership interest in the firm was sold to Harry Steinberg.  In 1973, Howard formed a new corporation, Ridgewood Machinery Co.  In addition to the machinery business, Howard is an active partner and assists Barry Hurwitz of R.M.C. Industrial Services to appraise industrial equipment and machinery.

Barry Hurwitz

The son of Howard Hurwitz, Barry has spent his entire career in the appraising of industrial equipment.  After working with his father for a number of years, Barry entered the appraisal business in 1980 as an employee of Norman Levy Company, Chicago, IL.  In the formative years Barry also worked for Norman Levy Co. of Detroit, Philip Pollack & Company and Stephen L. Winternitz Inc.  Barry and Howard formed R.M.C. Industrial Services in 1995 primarily geared toward the appraisal of industrial equipment.


Andrew Hurwitz

Son of Howard Hurwitz, Andy has spent his entire career in the appraising business. Andy entered the appraisal business in 1986 as an employee of Stephen L. Winternitz, Inc. In 1997, he was hired by Norman Levy Co. of Detroit through their Northbrook office. In 2000, Andy joined RMC Industrial Services.